Have you ever seen of of those screenshots showing a whole page? We often have and we always wondered how to do that. Sure, you could simply make multiple screenshots and stich them together using Photoshop or something like that but did you know there is a builtin screenshot tool in Googles Chrome browser which you can use out of the box to capture full page screenshots?

Simply open the developer tools (⎇+⌘+i on OS X or Ctrl + Shift + i on Windows) and hit  ⌘+Shift+P on OS X or Ctrl + Shift + P on Windows to bring up the Command Menu. Now simply type in “screenshot” and select the “Capture full size screenshot” option. Chrome will create a screenshot and download it to your download folder. A simple but powerful trick, especially useful if you want to showcase you pages. As always, we hope this little tricks will serve you well in the future. Cheers ✌️