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Add a revealing footer effect without writing a single line of code or CSS! You can enable/disable the effect globally, per post and even on certain device types (Desktop/Tablet/Phone).

What is a “revealing footer” effect?

The effect looks like your page is a curtain which gets lifted up to reveal the footer – hence the name. Check out our Demo Page.

How do I setup the Divi Sensei Revealing Footer?

Our Revealing Footer comes as a WordPress plugin. Therefore you just need to upload and activate the plugin – thats it. There is no setup, no coding, no CSS you have to write on your own. Just activate the plugin. Can it get any more convenient?

But how do I setup the Footer?

Really, there is no setup. You simply style Divi or Extras footer and bottom bar via the Theme Customizer. You can add widgets to the footer using the Appearence > Widgets menu in your WordPress backend but that is all standard Divi/Extra/WordPress functionality. We only add the revealing footer effect to the existing footer.

What if my Footer is really long?

We have thought of this! Sometimes the footer is larger than what can fit on a single screen – especially on tablets and phones. Thats why we created our revealing footer effect in such a way that it dynamically adopts the height of your footer and attaches it to the top of the viewport. As soon as the footer is fully revealed, additional scrolling will then scroll the footer till it finally reaches the bottom.

What if my Footer has dynamic content?

We thought of that one as well. Whether you have a newsletter opt-in in your footer or you are injecting a layout – as soon as we detect a change in the footer, we automatically adjust the size. Your revealing footer will always look great and remain fully responsive.

The only thing you have to be aware of is that layouts are injected into the footer HTML element and not between the footer and the main page content. Unfortunately, some of the popular layout injection plugins do not do this but thats nothing a little bit of JavaScript can’t fix. If you encounter problems, don’t hesitate to contact us. We strive to make you a satisfied customer and will be happy to assist you fixing possible issues. 😉

Works with Divi and Extra

Our revealing footer plugin was developed with Divi and Extra users in mind. It works right out of the box with the two most popular Elegant Themes themes.

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