Divi Modules

Below you can find an overview of our collection of Divi Modules. All modules are well designed, easy to use and integrate right into the Divi Builder to give you the ability to build great looking websites. Whether they extend the functionality and improve the usage of familiar Divi modules or add completely new ways to present your content, you will love to use them.

Before After Slider

Before After Slider for Divi lets you compare two images by dragging a slider either horizontally or vertically to hide or reveal one image over another. There are many use cases e. g. show off your makeup or photo editing skills, showcase the differences between your products and cheap counterfeit or what you have done to improve your clients website.


Counter for Divi is a replacement for both, the Number Counter module and the Circle Counter module. It not only combines both counters into one powerful module but also adds tons of functionality the standard modules are missing. For example:

  • Count numbers, dates and posts
  • Custom pre– and suffix
  • Count from any number to another number
  • Display decimal places
  • Create pie charts
  • Fully customizable and styleable
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panorama for divi

Panorama for Divi

Panorama for Divi lets you display large images without scaling or cropping them. Instead you can horizontally or vertically scroll them by dragging the image in the given direction. If you use panorama images, you can even create infinite scrollable images, giving you a 360 degree view.

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