Before After Slider

Image comparison made simple – endless possible applications. Compare two images to show off your photo editing skills, how you do makeup for your clients or impress your customers with before and after images of your services. 

The module couldn’t be easier to use, yet it gives you absolute flexibility over your content. It integrates perfeclty into your overall page design due to the broad range of possible configuration possibilites.


Features & Perks

  • Lifetime Support and Updates
  • Visual Builder compatible
  • Lightweight, pre-minified codebase
  • Compatible with most lazy loading images plugins for first class pagespeed scores
  • Customisable labels (including fonts, color, background color and whether to always show them)
  • Customisable overlay (color or complete deactivation)
  • Horizontal and vertical slider direction
  • Slider starting position
  • Custom image alt text for both images
  •  Custom CSS Fields