SVG Animator

The Divi Sensei SVG Animator module brings SVGs to life with dynamic drawing animations, offering a range of captivating effects.

Demo 1
Kon’nichiwa ( Hello! )

Tokyo Skytree

Where Dreams Soar

Spring Season

Blossoming Beauty

Timeless Japan

Charms of Old Japan

Demo 2

SVG Animator Module

Captivate Your Audience: SVG Animator’s Enchanting Effects.


Just click on the image for an replay amazing animation.

Demo 3

SVG Animator Module

Amplify Viewer Engagement with SVG Animation Module

Demo 4

Wherever you live, you come to love it.

– Japanese Proverb
Demo 5

SVG Animator Module

Multiple animated types

Delayed Effect

Every path element is drawn at the same time with a small delay at the start. This is currently the default animation.
Sync Effect
Each line is drawn synchronously. They all start and finish at the same time, hence the name `sync`.
One by One Effect
Each path element is drawn one after the other. This animation gives the best impression of live drawing.
Demo 6

Total Projects

Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

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SVG Animator Module
SVG Animator Module

Seamless Customization: Align it Perfectly with Your Website Theme!


Line Width

Adjust SVG line width easily for personalized icons.

1px Line Width

5px Line Width

10px Line Width
15px Line Width

Customize Color

Personalize SVG icons with ease using custom colors.


SVG Width & Height

Easily customize SVG width & Height for unique icon styles.

50px SVG Width
80px SVG Width
100px SVG Width
120px SVG Width
AVG Animator for Divi

Add stunning animations to your SVG images

Elevate your SVG images with mesmerizing animations using the Divi Sensei SVG Animator. With its customizable features and built-in modules, you can effortlessly create stunning visual effects.

3 Animation Types

Animation Duration

Start Animation in a Viewport

Replay Animation on Click

Timing Function